The Budlegal association of lawyers is primarily engaged in business law and civil law assignments and provides business legal consultancy and comprehensive legal services to its Hungarian and international clients, primarily to enterprises based in Budapest and Budaörs.

After gaining more than 20 years of experience in international business, professionalism and the safe completion of legal transactions, as well as the provision of high-quality, fast and transparent legal consultancy have become our hallmarks.

We provide transparent and reassuring legal and business solutions.

As an independent law office, we maintain international relations with many European law offices; in this way we are able to cooperate in the arrangement of not only Hungarian but also cross-border transactions.

In the framework of our international consultancy, we support our foreign clients who are interested in the Hungarian market situation and need legal services backed by a knowledge of the Hungarian market situation and legal system. We also support the Hungarian offices of medium and large multinational enterprises, the owners or management of which are international and who therefore seek for our assistance on cross-border legal issues.

As a member office of the IR Global professional network ( we are able to help the business activities of our clients in almost any country of the world. IR Global is an international professional cooperation network which has at least one member in more than 155 countries and can provide consultancy to enterprises and private persons. Our cooperation also helps us to see the international trends concerning our specialist areas, and allows us to become familiar with practical legal and financial solutions to problems faced by our own clients.

We are a member of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry..

Our law office is featured in the list of recommended law offices of both the Embassy of Germany in Budapest, and the Embassy of Switzerland in Budapest.

We pursue our activities in close cooperation with accountants and tax advisors.

We have references in the following industries: