On a professional level, providing high-quality and transparent legal consultancy to Hungarian and international medium and large enterprises is a priority for us.

However, in addition to this, we put great emphasis on corporate social responsibility, which currently appears in three areas of our activity.

budlegal has been a member of the Initiative for Entrepreneurial Business Culture since 2017.

The Initiative for an Entrepreneurial Business Culture unites and forms a community of companies that consider performance and value creation as the true measures of their operations. They agree that market competition develops them in the same way as win-win business collaborations. The basis of our positive outlook is the acquired knowledge and the continuous desire to improve. We also firmly believe that our performance can serve as a reference for other companies and contribute to making Hungary a better-functioning, competitive country, and an even better place.


Pro bono legal activity and donations

In our opinion, it is important that, in addition to our daily work, we also use our professional knowledge and team for those activities with which we help to achieve social objectives or support disadvantaged persons or groups.

In this way we help the work of several associations and foundations and intervene in the cases of private persons in the framework of pro bono consultancy. We are proud that for several years we have had the opportunity to cooperate with the First German Language Lions Club Thomas Mann Budapest and with the KórházSuli initiative, which provides children in long-term hospital care with interactive e-learning materials.

We are also actively participating in the work of the Chairmanship of the Hungarian-German Lawyers’ Association as well.

In addition, we express our commitment to helping the healthcare system and ill and disadvantaged children through regular financial support.

Deutchsprache Lions Club Budapest

Collaboration with insurance provider

We collaborate with numerous German legal protection insurance providers, as well as the lawyer hotline offered by DAHAG providing affordable legal assistance and a convenient hotline in Hungary.

Supporting the professional advancement of our colleagues

We are convinced that is very important that our colleagues find their ways of development suited to their personal interests, and that they can learn, gain experience and practice in such fields. Several of our trainee lawyers have participated in study visits and professional traineeships. Our colleagues attend professional (legal, financial, marketing) conferences, and they may improve their language proficiency through English language courses.

We think it is important and so, in the course of setting out our office, we put great emphasis on being able to spend our busy working days in a modern, cheerful and at the same time, healthy environment.