Budlegal joined WIRAS Verbund

As part of our ongoing commitment to expanding our reach and expertise, we are thrilled to announce that Budlegal Law Firm has recently joined the WIRAS Verbund, an international association of German-speaking lawyers. With 197 member firms spanning 154 cities and 43 countries, WIRAS is a vibrant network of legal professionals with a wealth of […]

Our lawyer on the Business Women’s Network team

Wir sind stolz darauf bekannt zu geben, dass unsere Kollegin bei Budlegal, dr. Andrea Lantos, kürzlich dem Business Women’s Network beigetreten ist, einer Community für ambitionierte Geschäftsfrauen. Als junge Rechtsanwältin bringt dr. Lantos ihre Expertise und Erfahrung in diese dynamische Gruppe von Fachleuten ein. Das Business Women’s Network bietet eine hervorragende Gelegenheit für Frauen in […]

IR Global Central and Eastern Europe Regional Conference in Budapest

We are pleased to announce that budlegal had the honor of hosting IR Global Central and Eastern Europe Regional Conference in Budapest. During the Conference (held May 19-21) participants had the opportunity to extend their professional knowledge, and the opportunity to recharge their batteries was also provided by our Team. As the part of the […]

Is a managing director-member (Ltd.) allowed to vote on his own mandate?

The analysis of the question included in the title – and for the sake of being exact, slightly complex – is interesting and is important from the practical aspect. Namely, in order to prevent disputes arising from the possible conflict of interest of the members of the company and the managing director-member, it is advisable […]