Stakeholder 1

Stakeholder 2

Managing director

2nd Managing Director

We suggest indefinite period (recall possible anytime without stating reasons)

Auditor of the company
(if so wanted)

Supervisory board

By setting up a supervisory board, the shareholders may supervise the legal and economic operation of the company and the actions of the management in order to protect the interests of the legal person.

A supervisory board must be established if the annual average number of full-time employees employed by the company exceeds two hundred, and the works council did not
waive employee participation in the supervisory board.

Board Member 1

Board Member 2

Board Member 3

Delivery agent of the shareholder and
the managing director(s)

In case a shareholder or a managing director of the company is a non-resident legal person or a foreign natural person who does not have a residence in Hungary, a delivery agent must be appointed.

The delivery agent is responsible for collecting any document relating to the company’s operation and addressed to his principal (i.e. the non-resident shareholder/managing director) by a court or other authority and to forward these documents to the principal.

Activites of the company
List of possible activities available at:

E-mail address
A valid e-mail address of the company shall be registered